How many places do you know that you can both relax, explore, and have fun at the same time? I am about to tell you about a magical place that you can relax at the beach the morning, join yoga sessions, make friends while you are drinking your margarita, explore one of the true wonders of the world, enjoy incredibly delicious food, shop from unique boutiques and find amazing parties to dance all night!

One cute hidden cafe on Tulum Beach Road

The moment you arrive Tulum, you start feeling like you are back at home. It doesn’t matter if you had been there or not.

Nomade Hotel

I don’t even know where should I start… I went to Tulum in January for 5 days. I stayed in Project Heart camp/family. It was a great experience for me since I got a chance to meet with a lot of cool and sweet people. It was an experience that reminds you of the best of human nature, like helping people without expectations, sharing love, and being yourself without any concern of being accepted. It was magical…

Dinner Area at Project Heart Camp
Dance celebration with Project Heart family in Mayan Jungle

Tulum Beach is the hottest spot I can say. You can find great restaurants, hotels, boutiques… If you have a chance, you should cycle around the Tulum Beach road, stopping at every possible corner to fully experience the people, culture, and all that it has to offer. Here some of the scenes from my camera;

Tulum Beach Road
Must try restaurant at Tulum Beach
You should definitely stop by at Pasha Restaurant
Delicious Turkish food at Pasha Restaurant

I was in Tulum during the “Sound Tulum”. I was dancing all night while Tale of Us was playing their magic!


One of the spots that you shouldn’t miss is Tulum Ruins! It is a picture-postcard view. The photos I took, don’t do it justice. I went there around 1-2 pm and you can see from the photos, how crowded it was! Try to get there early in the morning like around 8 am. You will thank me when you are taking photos.




P.S. Wear your bikinis underneath your clothes.

Chichén Itzá is one of the Great Wonders of the World. There is a lot to say about this magical place so I click on the link to see that post too!


And last but not least Centro de Tulum aka Downtown. It is not as touristic, it mostly has the local shops and banks. Great place to buy souvenirs! Do not forget to bargain:) It has HSBC bank if you are using international card. Trust me, it is a life saver in Mexico. Oh before I forget, do not carry dollars with you. Use Pesos while you are shopping and mostly use cash.

Souvenir shop s in Centro de Tulum
There are great street artists in Mexico


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