Bahamas Baby!

Since I was a little girl, I was always wondering about Bahamas. I’ve heard a lot about it, how magical the beaches were, the weather and the hotels.

I know it is not that popular anymore as it was in my childhood but I must say, I think it is still magical.


I’ve stayed in Atlantis hotel, and I didn’t have a chance to wonder around Bahamas that much. I only visited Nassau which was, in my opinion, more than enough for a relaxing holiday. But I think island hopping would be so much fun. For next time, it is in my check list.

If you think that Atlantis is just a hotel, and you will be bored; don’t be so sure about it. Atlantis  is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. There are 5 different hotels you can stay in Atlantis; The Cove, Royal, Coral, Beach and Reef. Definitely, the Cove was my favorite. You can go around all the pools, use the accommodations of each hotel, except the Cove. But if you are staying in Cove, you an use any other’s accommodations.


The Royal; This hotel has this mythological, Atlantis inspired theme. It feels like The Lost City Atlantis was here and it was risen from the sea again.


Seriously, the photos don’t even do the justice. It is purely magical.


Also, The Royal is very close to the Water park. We all need to be a kid for a day and the next day have a sore body but happy spirit.

I guess my favorite was River Rides. You literally hop on your inner tube and float around the hotel. Sometimes you come across to small waves or extreme rapids. It is fun and relaxing.



The Royal has casino in it. So if you are a gambler, there you go! Have fun evenings!


The reason I like The Cove better is because it has great pool areas and also the restaurants. You can enter the restaurants but not the pools if you are staying at the other hotels.


I would say get the map in your hand, circle the places you want to see and start walking. I assure you, you will capture amazing pictures.


There is this little village street that is located close to The Beach that you can see the photo of it above. It becomes a very enjoyable street during the evenings. It has small restaurants, mostly casual. It reminded me small coastal villages.


Go to the beach from The Cove side, you will definitely be super happy and get your dream beach photo.


Okay, so from Atlantis, there is a shuttle that goes to The Ocean Club – Four Seasons Hotel. Definitely go there for dinner. I like the service, food and the view. Here is the photo of the view;


While I am writing this blog, I do actually have an urge to go back.

This time, my Bahamas trip was a bit relaxing, enjoying the hotel kind of vacation. My next time will be more cultural explore kind of trip.


Until the next time, Adios Bahamas!

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